Marilyn Meberg, a renown speaker and author, tells a great story about a brunch conversation.  She asked one of the guests at the table, “What’s the best thing that happened to you this week?  The response without hesitation was “I bought a cow” which was one of those jaw dropping moments in which she starting picturing PetSmart and wondering how such a purchase could be made. Others at the table were equally amused. She immediately asked, “You what? Others joined in, “Why, why, why…”  The answer was simple.  The cow was bought for food to be raised in order to provide her family with beef.

Whilst we always enjoy a good story, it was the question that caught our attention as to whether or not it could be used in a business development setting.  Well, of course the question is relevant.

Imagine the power of this question
It’s fabulous way to begin chatting with someone new as well as deepening an existing relationship. The responses will range from personal experiences to the workplace providing valuable insight. Better yet, this question will not require you to have a well rehearsed reply in mind.

We like this question because it affords you the opportunity to be yourself in any setting from a networking event, client meeting to a formal business dinner. The power of authenticity is a key to building long term relationships and as we like to say, “a lifetime network”.

Consider your reply
When you lead with this question, you will invariably be asked to provide your answer. This is a golden opportunity to share candid insight about yourself and to define what you consider to be a great week in your world. It’s also a chance to plant a seed – something that makes you memorable. For instance, everyone at Marilyn Meberg’s brunch that day will forever remember the women who bought a cow.  Your week most likely had at least one entertaining aspect to it.

Your business development practices can be easy and enjoyable if you include authenticity and remember it’s a lifetime network.  

For now, we encourage you to use this question.

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