Growing up, we were fortunate to have one summer holiday. The road trip consisted of Mom and Dad loading the station wagon then driving hours to a beach somewhere down South. My two older brothers and I were crammed in the back seat, windows down with no seat belts required for the seemingly endless journey.

Fast forward decades later, and wow.

A few months ago my eldest brother was asked by a Tedx Talk board member to submit a script highlighting his experience as a Pastor and a Police Officer. Yes, he wears two different professional hats simultaneously. After spending 250+ hours preparing his 18-minute message, his Tedx Talk has now been published. It is entitled “Explode Your Personal Operating System”.  The link is attached below.

It is for you to decide the relevance of his message for your situation. Here are a few of my thoughts:

From a business development perspective, why is it some people tend to have a natural presence, a charm that draws people to them like a moth to flame? Are they wired to exude charisma? Or, have they learned to “explode their personal operating systems”?

Charisma is the ability to have a marked impact or influence on others. We coach our clients that charisma can be learned. We have great examples to support our success in learning charisma but just maybe my brother has simplified the process.  In the talk, he references that are our wiring is inherent; however, when we remember to think of other people as being worthy of being valued and respected, we can switch our own wiring. By switching how we view others, we automatically begin to demonstrate a new level of authenticity and presence. Keys to charisma.

Perhaps, the next time you approach a new client or prospect, the approach is from a rewired perspective that this person is worthy of being valued whether or not he/she becomes your new client. At a minimum, everyone has an interesting story.

From a little sister perspective, hmmm…I am struggling to believe that it was his wiring that persuaded me to climb to the “way back” of the station wagon in order to sit for hours with the luggage and giant cooler — whilst he and my other brother sat comfortably in the back seat.  I’m not sure that his wiring gets him off the hook for all of the crazy big brother antics.  It is great to know that today he understands his wiring and uses it to make a difference in other’s lives.

We hope that you had a brilliant summer holiday and may we all give our wiring a think.

Come way with us to Lemon Bay Consulting… where charisma can become a natural part of your wiring.

(*According to “Talk Like Ted by Carmine Gallo”, 250 hours is the average time the most popular Ted Talk speakers spend preparing their talks.)