Help for Menopause….Workshop: 17 January, 2020 

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Ben Wolff and Ligia Cannon from The Breathing Institute, present the first collaborated workshop to come out of the Breathing School.  Researched in private clinical trials, the method they will teach is a natural intervention and practice without any supplements or additional treatments. And only positive side-effects!

BOOK NOW… 17 January 2021….In this livestream VIRTUAL workshop, you can learn for yourself how this new approach to the Breath, Physiology, Neuroscience, Chronobiology, and Clinical Hypnotherapy can alleviate up to 80 percent of the unwanted feelings, moods, brain fog, pains, and temperature fluctuations, uniquely.

BreathMaster Ben of the Breathing School and Ligia Cannon talk about how this workshop came about….

Ben: “I didn’t ever wish to really be involved with help for Menopause. Not because I don’t wish people to be free from it – I REALLY do. I simply didn’t want to be another man explaining to women about their bodies. I only like to teach things that I’ve personally experienced, and so I didn’t feel like I could do that authentically, when it comes to something so important and personal to so many women.

“For many years I had been nagging Ligia, fellow breathing pulmonaut and yoga teacher, to explore a specific protocol that I had developed that had worked for everyone I’d ever shown it too. She had tried everything and nothing had worked. When it worked for her, she turned the tables on me and absolutely insisted that we launch a clinical trial in conjunction with a Specialist Private Clinic and together we now for the first time share and teach the method. My hope is that after this joint workshop, Ligia can go on and carry the lamp of hope for women everywhere.”

Ligia (aged 50, photographed above with no make up and no filter!): “In my wildest dreams I wouldn’t imagine it could be that simple, so yes Ben is right I resisted it. Particularly coming from a Man! Two years passed with Ben saying “You’ve got to do this Ligia, it’ll sort you right out” again and again. So I tried probably everything else there is out there promising help for Menopause….Everything from Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Supplements, Asanas, Yoga Nidra to Sleeping Pills…All of it.

And my guess is just like you,  I found that nothing worked as a stand alone practice. Nothing… except I did have a cupboard full of supplements as a result! When Ben said that our friendship depended on me trying this method for one week, it really was the last throw of the dice. And IT WORKED. In ONE DAY. Noticeably. Clearly. 80% of my symptoms gone for good.

 I practice this method daily at night for a few minutes before falling asleep. You wouldn’t believe how good life is. No more brain fog, no more sweats, no more tired-all-the-time, no more fatigue, no more weight gain. It’s extraordinary. I feel completely balanced and so did the 30 women in the Private Clinical Trial. Like nothing else IT WORKS! And now it’s my duty to tell the others what worked for me and for them.”