Another crazy day at home or office?  

We believe meditation is the secret to bringing success and balance to our busy lives.

We often work with clients who are keen to bring a sense of strength, grace and confidence to their lives to include client and workplace interactions.

Private meditation sessions ensure that your specific needs and goals are met without distractions. If you have been curious to learn more about meditation, private lessons are an ideal solution. If you are advanced meditator, we will further develop your abilities to be align mind and body.

We also provide corporate workshops for teams and departments that aspire to improve their client interactions.

The benefits of meditation are widely known to bring a sense of calm and confidence to our everyday busy lives and environments. Science further supports that even a few minutes of meditation, especially on a daily basis, has a positive impact on brain waves further supporting mind and body well being.

Our sessions include unique breathing techniques that bring additional well being benefits.

Meditation does not require a special skill.  In fact, a busy environment often brings additional benefits. We can teach you meditate sitting in a chair, lying down or sitting on the floor – whatever is most comfortable.

It is easy to get started, we typically come to your workplace or an arranged location.

Special workshops and courses will be offered for anyone, please check our website for details.

Beth Kenney is an accredited member with distinction of the British School of Meditation.

Anyone can meditate on a mountain…we teach you meditate in your everyday environment.  

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