The Dalai Lama once said that “Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something. Sometimes one creates as significant an impression by remaining silent.”

In the midst of the Brexit storm, we have an opportunity to demonstrate our leadership abilities by being definitive and dynamic.  Use your voice.

We are advising our clients to take immediate action with their clients and prospective ones. This is an ideal time to shepherd others, build motivation and reshape strategies.

Check in with your clients and targets now.

The message is simple.

Be definitive.
Remind your teams, associates and clients including prospective targets of how you think and what your organisation values. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to sustain clarity under pressure and uncertainty as well as a positive mind-set regardless of the challenges unfolding in the marketplace.

Be dynamic.
Let everyone know that your organisation is flexible and recognises the importance of being open to exploring ups and downs. This is an opportunity to strengthen client relationships by letting them know that you are a safe place to air issues and concerns. It’s also an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to be innovative by proactively reshaping deals and conversations.

Here are a few client talking points for consideration:

1. State you are checking in.
2. Communicate your organisation is open for business, unwavering and   committed to delivering exceptional client experiences.
3. Ask what’s happening?
4. What’s not?
5. What would they like to have happen, especially in the short run?
6. How can you help?
7. If relevant, share examples of how you are helping other clients to adapt their strategies, leverage opportunities in the marketplace, find new avenues and so forth.
8. Close the discussion by stating that your organisation is strong, staying close to issues, and available at anytime.

Come away with us at Lemon Bay Consulting…we view unexpected storms as mutually beneficial opportunities. We help our clients to develop strategies for calm sailing.