learn wins


Lemon Bay Consulting believes that strategic client management and selling can be learned and enjoyed by all with confidence.

We will lead and coach you to experience a new level of business development success using the best practices, tips and tricks of seasoned senior sales professionals.

We work with you personally, by department, practice or a particular level of staff. We will provide a tailored strategy that is scoped based on your needs, time frames, budget and goals.

Our coaching offerings:

  • Bespoke sales training seminars
  • Understand the difference between Marketing and Business Development
  • How to network…the “Secrets of 1, 2, 3 When Working a Room”
    “Break the Wire”: The Power of Face-to-Face Meetings (Without Paper & Power Points)
  • Build sustainable relationships to drive revenue
  • Account management strategies
  • Coaching for strategic pitches
    Client relationship development …” How to be More Comfortable Leading Client Discussions”
  • Master the “Art of Authentic Story Telling”
  • Build rapport with humour and multi-sensory
  • Shadow existing client meetings
  • Deliver presentations with confidence
  • Understanding global market entry…”How to Build Presence, Network Abroad & Generate Business”
  • Career growth from Associate to Partner
  • Individual business development plans and coaching

We will establish a situational “war room” to direct your team from opportunity identification, pursuit management, strategic pricing, client presentations, managing objections to deal close plus the critical win/loss review.


We offer bespoke workshops focused on the “secrets of balanced success”.  Examples include…

Coaching “Learn Wins” Workshop:

Balanced Success: Secrets to Improve Any Meeting (90 min. workshop – often a “lunch & learn)

Mind, Balance, Breath Workshops:

Balanced Leadership: Confidence & Authenticity

Improving Client Relationships: Mind & Intention

It’s Just Sleep: 40 Winks in 45 Minutes

Session Formats:

Typically bespoke workshops for corporations, departments, and teams.  1:1 Individual sessions available.

In groups of up to 20 people meeting once a week for 6 to 8 weeks typically for 45 – 60 minutes per session.

In groups of up to 20 people meeting once a fortnight for 60-90 minutes.

In a virtual setting of up to 6 people for 30-60 minutes over a video link.

1:1  In Person, FaceTime (or Skype) 20-45 minute sessions over an agreed number of weeks or months. Private meditation sessions ensure that your specific needs and goals are met without distractions.

Locations include conference rooms, desk-side or open spaces…the aim is learning to calm one’s mind anywhere.

Lemon Bay Consulting will guide you and your team to develop the best skills and motivation to enjoy big wins today and tomorrow.

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We are often asked…

What’s the best way to prep a pursuit team for a new client pitch?

Whilst the answers clearly vary depending on the situation, one of the most critical coaching points is to prepare the team for the questions that it hopes the client does not ask during them during the pitch.  We are seldom concerned with our pursuit team’s technical solutions to a new client’s challenge.  It’s the pursuit team’s fears and weaknesses that create the most angst and consequently send negative signals to a new client.

When we focus our time on preparing the team for it’s least favourite questions and areas of concern, especially from a deliverable or experience perspective, the pursuit team will be in a much stronger position to include sending positive non-verbal signals to the new client.  This is often the difference between a win and a loss.

Learn more about how we work with you in the FAQs.


  • “Experience in building visionary strategic partnerships”

    Joe D. Whitley, Chair of the Government Enforcement and Investigations Practice, Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC, Atlanta (first General Counsel for US Department of Homeland Security)
    “I have had the pleasure of working with Beth Kenney over the years on numerous sensitive and critical marketing and client projects. I have found Beth to be a valuable and insightful addition to growing my client base in a changing world economy. Beth is a quick study and her considerable experience in building visionary strategic partnerships has been invaluable to me in England, Europe, the United States and increasingly in other world markets. I recommend Beth to others without equivocation.”
  • “She’s a master at building relationships”

    Husein Cumber, Executive Vice President Corporate Development, Florida East Coast Industries, Jacksonville (former Deputy Chief of Staff, US Department of Transportation)
    “I’ve known Beth for more almost 20 years and she has the ability to help companies develop new market opportunities and solve problems quickly.  I’ve worked with Beth in various situations from business to politics — teaming on deals that required someone with the knowledge and presence to network with C-level executives to elected officials. She’s a master at building relationships that stand the test of time as well as deliver mutually beneficial results. Under her leadership, Lemon Bay Consulting Ltd. exhibits all the best practices to be successful in business development, team development, and public affairs work. I know Beth to be someone who delivers superior client service, efficiency and results.  Work with her once and you will quickly rely on her firm for subsequent engagements.”
  • "Beth understands the people dynamic and how to maximise its potential."

    Ray Black, Partner, Mission de Reya LLP, London
    "Beth has a number of important skills and attributes to help her clients to achieve their goals and objectives. She is very career focused, goal orientated, and results driven; a most healthy combination for success. I have known Beth for several years and have always been impressed by her energy, enthusiasm, appetite for success and ability to bring together people from different environments who can benefit from mutual interaction. Beth understands the people dynamic and how to maximise its potential."
  • "Beth helped me immensely by connecting me to the right people."

    Bradley Kitchens, Chief Human Resources Officer, National Council on Compensation Insurance
    "Beth Kenney has a vast network of contacts and excels in building and maintaining relationships. When I relocated and began to build my network in a new area, Beth helped me immensely by connecting me to the right people. She is a master at taking a concept from idea to implementation."
  • "Extreme-over-the-top people skills"

    Senior Managing Partner, Boutique Law Firm, London
    "Beth is a well orchestrated and organised 'whirlwind' if you can imagine that. He told many stories of Beth getting immediately in the door and settling in with whomever she worked with, attributing this ability to her 'extreme-over-the-top people skills'. She is a spinner of great tales captivating the harshest critic, the woman who can command attention of most distinguished dignitaries and one who will lead the most seasoned world leaders. He also told a story of Beth winning over a difficult client gaining her 'legend' status in the UK, making her name very recognisable, 'everyone wants to meet the woman behind the story'. Given an audience Beth captivates."
  • "Beth has become my right hand in management of the practice."

    Former Deloitte LLP Partner
    "Beth has been involved in all aspects of the practice to include strategic planning, execution of the plan and advising on specific actions for winning client engagements. From my perspective, she routinely functions way beyond what I would expect from a Business Development Director and in fact has become my right hand in management of the practice."
  • "Beth has an excellent instinct to read the market"

    Mike Pullen, Partner at Stephenson Harwood, LLP
    "Beth has an excellent instinct to read the market, clients and internal stakeholders and constantly offers valuable advice on how to move forward. I feel comfortable taking Beth into any kind of meeting knowing that her perceptions and point of view will be insightful and will add value."
  • "When Lee explains a technical issue to me, I really understand it"

    Former Director, EY LLP, New York
    "When Lee explains a technical issue to me, I really understand it and I can remember it. It's as if he puts himself into my shoes and remembers what it was like before he knew the subject. This skill helps put things into the perspective of a learner and is very effective.”professional service firms."
  • “In complex projects with many moving parts, Lee seems to know just where to begin”

    Former Global Client, Tax Effective Supply Chain Management, EY LLP, Paris
    “I really respect Lee for his technical skills but even more for his practical insight into the real world and how companies can things get done. In complex projects with many moving parts, Lee seems to know just where to begin and what to do next while others are still trying to get organised...”
  • “Effective leadership of multicultural or multidisciplinary teams”

    Confidential 360 Feedback, EY LLP New York
    “Clients and counselees have all recognised Lee through formal and informal ratings in various areas including: effective leadership of multicultural or multidisciplinary teams; managing complex or challenging client situations; and planning and pursuing an international career in professional services firms”