How do we work?

Simple. Lemon Bay Consulting Ltd. will take the time to get to know you before we propose a solution. Once we are confident that we can help you to achieve your vision as it relates to business development growth, we will provide a tailored strategy that is scoped based on your specific business needs, time frames, budgets and goals.

Think of us as an extension of your team and organisation. We seamlessly align with your organisation, culture, clients and people. We will operate as your team (especially if no business development team exists) or in conjunction with existing team members to include your current business development staff, Associates, and Partners — often providing more senior business development leadership and guidance.

New market or global aspirations?

We also specialise in global market entry that may be outside the parameters of your current business development team’s bandwidth and experience. We will open doors to targeted new clients and contacts to expand your profile and revenue channel.

How long does a contract or an arrangement last?

It depends. We will work on a short or long term basis. Recommendations will be proposed in conjunction with your goals and recommended scope of work. We will work together to define the best time frames to ensure success. We will work for a set number of months or a specific period of time to manage a special initiative. In some instances, we will work a set number of days a month. Alternatively, we will work to generate a certain number of meetings, leads or sales. It’s tailored to be easy and effective for everyone. Thinking about adding a Business Development leader but unsure about a long-term commitment? We are an ideal solution. We will provide business development leadership, local and global market entry, senior coaching, develop existing client relationships, manage “war rooms” and pursuits, identify new partnerships and clients…all without a full-time employment commitment.


Fees are typically based on a fixed schedule which are determined based on the services requested. Success fee models may be suggested in certain instances, please contact us for more information +44 0207 112 8004.

We kindly request a 24-hour cancellation notice for meetings, coaching and meditation sessions.  Otherwise, clients will be billed for 50% of the appointment.

How does meditation work?

Our mind courses are typically bespoke workplace or virtual programmes conducted over a period of weeks or months.

1:1  Individual meditation sessions are tailored to the client’s needs and meditation experience.  We work with complete beginners to experienced meditators – often meeting them in their workplace, favourite location or virtual. Fees are typically arranged on a package basis.

No experience, meditation cushions or change of clothes are required.

Beth Kenney is an accredited member of the British School of Meditation.   Other teachers are accredited yoga dream practitioners and clinical hypnotherapists.  We specialise in a unique breathing techniques which bring an added element of helping clients’ to align their minds and bodies.  For more information, please ask for Beth.

How does coaching work?

We may be hired to coach an individual, a department, a practice or a particular level of staff. We also develop coaching plans based on key themes that support your strategic business imperatives. We will work with you to identify the best strategy to meet your developmental goals — albeit from coaching to be more comfortable leading client discussions, learning to open new doors local or abroad plus learning to grow client relationships as your build your career from Associate to Partner.

We also coach individuals keen to change roles or careers to include those individuals just joining the workplace. We help our clients to tell authentic stories, provide relevant examples of success, failures and strengths plus ask prospective employers good questions.  We prep clients for telephone and in-person interviews.

Still unsure if Lemon Bay Consulting is right for your needs? Contact us to learn more.