We know our clients have their own idea of perfection.

Those who dream their ideal place know that is a special to them because it provides tranquility. The view of Lemon Bay Consulting is serene. We seek calm sailing but experience teaches us that we must never be fooled into expecting smooth water. We must always be prepared for the mighty storms ahead with confidence. Preparedness is key. Lemon Bay Consulting will lead you to confidence especially in guiding our clients’ business development practices and expectations. We will lead our clients to enviable wins by engaging decision-makers at elevated levels, creating new sales, coaching today’s and tomorrow’s leaders and building strategic partnerships.

Why choose us?

We provide in-depth experience with decades of best practices that are easy to understand and strengthen our clients’ infrastructure in order to transfer knowledge that will sustain growth.

Our best environment is to let us be the first ones to parachute into a competitive market to identify the issues and opportunities that will provide your organisation’s leadership with the best options and pioneering spirit to drive growth and partnerships.

Our communication style is direct, discreet, adapts easily to different cultures and business settings — yet always thoughtful.

Our mission is to help our clients to build great relationships in any market plus enjoy “the art” of bringing in new business.

Our motivation comes from an unremitting desire to unleash ideas and share our vast experience to solve business development issues for our clients whilst gaining market share for their organisations. We love what we do. It’s exciting and delivers amazing results.

Our business philosophy is two fold. First, gratitude. We owe a huge thank you to our network and clients for supporting us. Second, we aim to increase our clients’ confidence and achieve great results.

Our firm’s name…well, let’s just say it’s a clever story best told by our founder, Beth Kenney but don’t be surprised if she tells you it’s a secret.

“Over the course of my career, I have watched companies on the cusp of incredible growth fail to meet their goals and objectives not for lack of trying but because they were unable to make the appropriate connection at the right place and right time. Far too often all that is required is identifying the nuance of a situation and how it relates to the needs of the perspective client. I believe relationship building is the backbone to success. The secrets to balanced success include coaching, meditation and breathing…”

– Beth M. Kenney, Lemon Bay Consulting Ltd, Founder & Managing Director – London

Accredited member of the British School of Meditation

Beth M. Kenney

Lemon Bay Consulting Ltd., Founder & Managing Director - London

As a Business Development Director at EY LLP US in New York, Beth M. Kenney co-managed the business development needs for a $590 million practice. She co-led global sales strategy and messaging for an Office of the Chair account with a Global Partner directing a 266 person EY global team across multiple service lines for over eight months. The win resulted in $10 million to $17 million annually for three years. Beth later transferred to EY LLP UK in London, where she developed and executed business development strategies for a £240 million multi-service line practice focusing on global and emerging markets plus multiple sectors (legal, technology, media, telecommunications, oil/gas, infrastructure). Beth developed and executed a special legal initiative for the expert valuation team. She built relationships with senior lawyers and General Counsel. The sales generated from this campaign increased from £1.3 million to £6 million plus in less than 18 months with a seven-figure forecasted pipeline. The average engagement sale increased by 30 percent. Beth was also an EY Miller Heiman Sales Trainer — Strategic Opportunity Management, Client Effectiveness, Multiple Effective Strategic Options (Negotiation Pricing).

  • Global “Big 4” business development leader with over 28+ years of experience
  • Robust track record of success consistently delivering from £6 million to £17 million annually in new revenue.
  • Global network (UK, US, Europe, Middle East, Asia) of C-level executives, top level law firm partners and intermediaries
  • Multi-national account management experience
  • Experienced coach from Associates to C-Level
  • Master of the “art of authentic story telling” whilst building client rapport
  • Past employers include Great American Insurance Co., Berry Company (Bell South), Deloitte LLP, KPMG LLP UK and EY LLP (US and UK)
  • B.A. International Studies – Foreign Policy & Economic, University of Dayton Ohio 1986 / AFS International 1982
  • Other accreditations: British School of Meditation, Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT200) Yoga Alliance, Yoga Nidra

Lee Oster

Special Advisor & Consultant (Retired Partner EY LLP Europe, UK, US) - Paris

Lee Oster brings a wealth of experience with over 34 years of experience in international strategy consulting and tax, plus non-technical training and career counseling for staff and partners in professional services. Lee is recognised by top management, peers and participants for his practical, real world style of coaching that is customised for each audience. He is acknowledged for his highly effective communication skills of complex technical subjects in diverse multicultural settings in US, Europe, Australia and Asia.

As the EY Leader of Tax Effective Supply Chain Management (TESCM) practice for the Northeast region based in New York, Lee managed a $25 million practice that included a multidisciplinary team of 20 partners and staff in six regional offices. During his tenure, his team grew the practice in less than three years from $13 million to $27 million. Prior to Lee’s days in New York, he was the EY Leader TESCM for the Americas based in London. A £40 million practice which included a team of 50 partners and staff throughout the Americas. With projects running from six months to three years, teams were comprised of EY staff, external advisors plus client team members often as many as 120 professionals around the globe.

In addition to practice leadership responsibilities (strategic planning, marketing, budgeting, training, hiring, quality control for projects, performance reviews, speaking engagements) that comprised 25 percent of his time, Lee was responsible for simultaneous delivery of multiple client engagements each year, which included all the technical aspects of the projects from initial contact with the client through to completion. He worked on more than 40 such projects in differing industries between 1997, when the practice began, until his retirement. Lee has led over 75 courses within EY ranging from half-day sessions to five-day programs in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia and Africa to include developing content and teaching four MBA level International Business Strategy courses at St. Xavier University in Milan, Italy.

  • JD/MBA – University of Illinois (Urbana) 1981
  • Admitted to Illinois Bar
  • Licensed CPA – Illinois and New York
  • BS Psychology – University of Illinois (Urbana) 1978; Loyola University Rome Center (1976)

Beth and Lee were first introduced at EY LLP US in New York. Beth supported Lee as the dedicated Business Development Director for the TESCM service line and was instrumental in all key wins that ultimately led to the growth of the practice.

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